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Virginia beach boudoir
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​I'm Myesha, the extroverted introvert, home body that loves to travel, but mostly I enjoy chasing around my greatest life accomplishments, my kiddos!! Being able to be behind my camera & show women how truly beautiful they are from the inside out drives my ambition to continue to do this! There is something about a confident women that just speaks ... power.


As a wife & mom, I struggled to see the beauty everyone else saw in me & I realized that beauty and finding self love is important to becoming the woman I strive to be in order to set an example for my children. This is why I fell deeply in love with Boudoir Photography! It is such an honor to help women on this journey to self love through my artwork and be able to show them, for the first time, how their loved ones see them. It may be hard to believe that you are seen as beautiful, confident, and even sexy! All I ask, is for you to let the pictures speak for themselves and be prepared to sit, cause you're going to look at yourself with more love after your session!

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{created for you}

Shoulder deep. That is how committed you have to be. You have to be willing to totally surrender-- no matter what that means. You have to be invested in transformation, no matter how uncomfortable the journey. You have to deeply trust my process, how I do things, how I pose, what I'm asking of you. I've been shoulder deep in this business for two years...ALL IN. I wake up each day 10000% committed to helping women realize their worth, their beauty, their potential.

Every woman is unique and I believe in customizing your shoot specifically to you, your style and your wishes to create a one of a kind gift, whether that is for yourself and/or your significant other.


** Includes Complimentary Hair & Makeup, Planning Meeting to Discuss your boudoir shoot, Access to Client Wardrobe, Expert Guided Posing, One Hour Photo Shoot Experience, Professional Retouching of Purchased Images, Private Image Reveal and Ordering Appointment ** 


Don't worry about posing,  I will pose you from your eyelashes down to the tips of your toes in the most flattering poses that camouflage any insecurities you may have and highlight your most beautiful features.

An Experience For The Everyday Modern Woman searching for her true self!

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I chose to do the boudoir shoot FOR ME!! I’m the mama of a 4 year old and I’ve been single for 2 years... I just needed something to remind me that I STILL GOT IT! I’m not a model... I’m actually quite silly and awkward at times! I can pull “PRETTY” off without effort but I’ve never really felt SEXY before... I’m 27 years old and never really felt SEXY until this boudoir shoo....



Taking these pictures was an unforgettable experience... When I booked, Myesha sent over all the information I could need. She had great communication with me prior to my shoot that when I showed up it felt as if I was meeting a good friend that I had not seen in a long time.

When I got to the studio, it had an apartment feel. I had to drive 4 hours to get to VA beach, so I wanted to freshen up and the studio had a shower. Even though I bought with me two of my own outfits, Myesha had options for me as well. Destiny did my makeup and she made me look like a glammed version of myself instead of someone I barely recognized..



From start to finish I felt like she knew me personally as she was so easy to speak to and plan out my vision with. Leading up to the day of the shoot I received encouraging reminders which kept me excited with anticipation but I couldn’t imagine how awesome it would be!

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