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5 Reasons Why You Should Do A Boudoir Photo Shoot


To boudoir or not to boudoir? That is the question. Let’s get real for a second ladies, each of us could probably come up with a million reasons why not to partake a boudoir session; “I need to lose 10 pounds”, “I feel too old”, “I’m not photogenic”, “I don’t own lingerie”, so on and so on… I hear all of these unfounded excuses often so I think it’s time we flip the script a little. Hopefully this blog post will give you a few things to think about!

Still on the fence? Well, here are 5 Reasons EVERY Woman Deserves a Boudoir Session.

It’s empowering

We all have insecurities. Those dissatisfactions can get the best of us when we unknowingly start to obsess over them. A boudoir session is not and should never be solely for someone else. IT’S FOR YOU! Feel empowered and be confident in yourself. When is the last time you felt sexy? I’m a firm believer that all women deserve to be pampered, get dressed up (or down), get our hair and make-up did and to unabashedly feel amazing! And a boudoir photo shoot can be just the thing to remind you: you are beautiful just as you are. That part of yourself that you wish was a little bit bigger, or smaller, or longer, or rounder — it fades away when you see how fabulous you really look and how unnoticeable that “imperfection” really is (Trust your photographer to work their magic and simply enjoy your boudoir session.

It’s one hell of a gift for your S.O.… and yourself

Just take a moment and imagine the look on your S.O.’s face when they open a photo album to this sensual surprise: The woman they love in some luxe lingerie posing like a professional model. There’s hardly a more intimate gift to your husband-to-be, significant other, or spouse. After all, they already think you look gorgeous in a messy bun and sweats — so just imagine how much you’ll stun them in a black teddy with elegant floral lace. Even if you’re not planning this shoot as a gift, you owe it to yourself to play glamour girl for a day, getting pampered by a professional hair stylist and/or makeup artist and sporting some seductive underthings you may not normally slip on. Many of us women tend to put others first, and rarely do something for ourselves, “just because” — and a boudoir shoot offers the perfect opportunity to indulge.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Many of us feel defined in life, maybe you’ve felt like you’re just “a Mom” and can’t be sexy. Maybe you work really hard and have slipped into a comfort zone of weeknights and weekends full of ponytails, yoga pants and funny graphic t-shirts (my grocery store uniform). Though there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, why not reclaim your inner vixen and feel amazing about yourself as you slay your boudoir session. Many of our clients are surprised by the confidence boost gained after taking what feels like a big leap. We urge you to get out of your comfort zone and try something new! A boudoir session, with the right photographer, can transform the way you see yourself and inspire you to make other positive changes in your life.

You Experienced a Major Life Change

There is nothing like a major life event to get you interested in new experiences and adventures. Whether celebrating a milestone birthday, starting a fresh chapter due to divorce, recovering from an illness, sending kids to kindergarten or embracing an empty nest, a boudoir session can help you celebrate your major milestone.

You Owe It to YOURSELF

You only live once, right? I’ll leave you with this final thought brought to you by one of the amazing women in the VIP group named Candace.

Candace writes, "This experience was definitely worth it! After having kids I struggled with some body insecurities. I was extremely nervous going into it with the thought that I would be stripped down and all my “flaws” would be exposed. I went in with the intent to do this for my husband for our anniversary. I came out this experience happy to have done it FOR ME! I saw myself as beautiful and sexy (even with all my “flaws” exposed and it was an extreme confidence builder. Myesha and Destiny made me feel completely comfortable and there is no regret from this experience. I encourage every woman to go through this experience and rejuvenate her “sexy” and confidence. We all have it but sometimes it’s buried under all the many hats we wear! Myesha is excellent at was she does and has truly been blessed with a gift!"

I couldn’t have said it any better! Do this for yourself. Many of my girls have expressed to me how empowered and confident they felt during and after their session. Every woman deserves a boudoir photo shoot, what’s stopping you?




Hope you enjoyed reading 5 Reasons EVERY Woman Deserves a Boudoir Session. Are you ready to finally do something for YOURSELF? Just fill out the form below for a quick consultation!


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