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boudoir photography for plus size
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Our Virginia Beach Boudoir Studio experiences are about healing, exploring, uncovering, rejuvenating, and confidence building. Because if there is one thing we know to be true, it's that confident women pour into their loved ones more intentionally. Confident women lift up other women and make unshakeable impact.

This experience is designed to ignite your confidence and celebrate the unique brand of beautiful that only you possess. Each session is crafted with you in mind, with a focus on creating an environment that celebrates your unique beauty. We believe that each of us deserves to fall unapologetically in love with ourselves, and we aim to create an experience capable of helping women do just that.


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fall back in love with                                       

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Myesha Tamu Boudoir is a

photography experience designed to inspire your confidence, heal insecurities and ignite passion. It is crafted with you in mind and guided with not only an eye for beauty, but also with a womanly understanding of the power of vulnerability, self-love and expression.

Plant Shadow

an experience designed to provide a gentle, welcoming space for you to show up as you are and celebrate your                 

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This is an invitation for you to be just exactly who you are are, in this moment. 

Above all, the reason you talk yourself out of this experience, is because you feel like you do not deserve it. Somewhere out there, is a person who convinced you that you aren't worthy--aren't worthy of investing in yourself, aren't worthy of betting on yourself, aren't worthy of seeing yourself as beautiful.

Even if you aren't right where you want to be right now--with your body, with your relationships, with your job, or with your life in general--it doesn't mean that where you are isn't worth capturing, celebrating, and appreciating. I can show you how intoxicating it is to be a woman comfortable in her skin-- how exhilarating it is to finally *feel* your worth. 

You are ready for this now. You are deserving. You are beautiful--even if it's so hard to believe it, know that it's the truth. Stop letting people who failed to see your worth, define your worth for you.

Do this for YOU.

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I am the 

Hey Myesha here, the extroverted introvert, home body that loves to travel, but mostly I enjoy chasing/chauffeuring my greatest life accomplishments, my kiddos!!


Being able to be behind my camera & show women how truly beautiful they are from the inside out drives my ambition to continue to do this!


There is something about a confident women that just speaks ... power.


I struggled to see the beauty everyone else saw in me & I realized that beauty and finding self love is important to becoming the woman I strive to be in order to set an example for my children. This is why I fell deeply in love with Boudoir Photography!


It is such an honor to help women on this journey to self love through my artwork and be able to show them, for the first time, how their loved ones see them. It may be hard to believe that you are seen as BEAUTIFUL, CONFIDENT, WORTHY, and even SEXY! All I ask, is for you to let the pictures speak for themselves and be prepared to sit, cause you're going to look at yourself with more love after your session!

You are the 

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[love               ]


Keesha J

I absolutely loved my experience with Myesha. She made me feel very comfortable during the shoot! I was nervous but Myesha reassured me every step of the way. This whole experience was empowering and liberating! As women we get so caught up in our every day lives and responsibilities that we forget about ourselves. We forget how beautiful and sexy we really are. This Boudior experience reminded me of that! I’m just in awe over how the entire process went. Myesha was very hands-on every step of the way. Her work speaks for itself. I’m very satisfied and my pictures are amazing! I am looking forward to my next shoot!#teamMyeshaTamu💜


Brittany K

I had such a wonderful experience with Myesha. She was so professional and down to earth. Her expertise and knowledge on posing and lighting was exceptional. Her overall easy going nature made it very easy to get comfortable in her studio. From the music, to the welcoming decor, to the light conversation, it made for a vibe that is unmatched. By the end I not only gained a photographer, but a friend. Definitely an experience well worth the cost. I have recommended all my family and friends to book. My photos arrived promptly and perfect. I had such an awesome time, I’m ready to book again.

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Ashleigh B

I was able to take a shoot at the last minute. Even though I didn't get as much planning, Myesha completely exceeded my expectations. From the minute I arrived until the minute I left. When I arrived I was greeted with a smile. She explained how everything would work and there were no secrets. My favorite pandora radio station was playing and she talked me through everything. She is so encouraging!! If you're thinking about taking the plunge and doing a boudoir photo with Myesha. She wont let you down!!

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When most women think of boudoir, they think of things like:
-'Sounds fun, maybe when I lose 10, 50, 100 lbs.'
-'Oh hell no, I'm not rolling around in my underwear for a perfect stranger--another woman no less!'
-'I don't even let my husband see me in the light! No way, not for me!'
-'I have no idea how to pose or be sexy. Pretty sure I don't have a sexy bone in my body.'
-'All of the other women in these images look fantastic, but I don't look like them. No WAY she could make my butt look good.’

Queen, I've heard it ALL and it's completely normal to feel like boudoir is a scary thing that would be impossible for you to enjoy or experience. BUT--99% of the fears that are holding you back are MISCONCEPTIONS. You don't need to change, you don't need to know how to pose for the images, and you ABSOLUTELY CAN pull off images just like this.There is POWER in my posing/lighting knowledge--it's why I SPECIALIZE in this very specific, highly niché genre of photography.

Posing women is what I Do.

Around here, we celebrate the fact that we are imperfect just like you. We welcome your mess, and we will unpack ours too. No matter what part of this experience you are afraid of--you are totally ready for this experience right now, just as you are.

You can spend five minutes being TERRIFIED as you book your shoot, or spend the rest of your life kicking yourself that you didn't do it.

What's it gonna be?

[this experience is nothing like you are thinking]


The Signature Boudoir

Your Signature Boudoir Experience Includes:

• Comprehensive Prep guide
• Pre-Session Wardrobe Consultation
• Professional Makeup Application
•Light Hairstyling
• 90 minutes shooting time
• 3 Looks 
• Image reveal & ordering session
• Custom image editing & retouching
• Your chance to OWN your brand of beautiful
• Unquestionable Confidence

The retainer fee of $450 covers the time and expertise of your personal glam squad and everything listed above.

Handmade art products such as albums, wall art & digital images are sold separately.  Please contact us for full details.

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SBE Details
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information about a boudoir session!

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